GB Steel Group is more about deeds than words. We summarize what we stand for in a single hashtag: #wemakesteelwork. Our products are difficult to describe in advance. Of course there’s always a specification, or schedule of requirements. But we go beyond these, to find and address our client’s underlying needs.

Our engineers, constructors and project managers help clients to execute their plans down to the last detail – on budget and on time. Specification or schedule changes? The factories of our five divisions are flexible enough to accommodate changes in delivery times, yet still deliver on time. A promise is a promise. Together, we get it done.

2021 Annual Report

From Gilden Beheer to GB Steel Group

When it comes to steel, the specialized divisions of GB Steel Group always have a solution. This is already evident in our name, ‘GB’. The ‘G’ refers to ‘guild’, a term from bygone times: an association of craftsmen. Professionals also exchanged knowledge in the past. They helped each other, provided training and, together, guaranteed a high level of quality. GB Steel Group not only shares the name of the classic guilds. Our five divisions also share their values.

The power of five divisions

The GB Steel Group comprises five divisions. Kampstaal Staalbouw produces complex steel constructions for the international utility and industrial sectors. Nauta Heeg distinguishes itself with heavy structures for infrastructure, offshore and industry. Kamplacon is at home in sustainable roof and wall construction, asbestos removal and solar panels for utilities, industry and infrastructure. Vossebelt builds tippers, containers, loading floors, belt unloaders and more, for the transport sector, municipalities and industry. MF Emmen is a full-fledged partner in the domain of infrastructural technology, machine building and recycling technology. 

Mission statement

Together, our divisions deliver more than just economies of scale. GB Steel Group delivers high-quality steel solutions. Together we are stronger. We treat each other and our environment with respect and do what we promise: we deliver the highest possible quality – on time, safely and on budget. We love challenges, and we enjoy coming up with solutions.

Of course, we also have a sustainable future in mind. We continuously invest in our employees, machines and processes, while respecting the environment. Our sustainability is evident from our ISO14001 Lloyd’s certification. Nauta Heeg has been an energy generator since 2016, and in 2017 we installed 2200 solar panels at the Kampstaal Emmeloord production site. We also like coming up with smart solutions that help our clients. In short: #wemakesteelwork

GB Steel Group combines knowledge & expertise

Each GB Steel Group division has its own focus – all related to steel. And each division’s area of expertise seamlessly complements the others’, as befits a guild. GB Steel Group provides the divisions with support services, from HRM to financial and facility management. This enables GB Steel Group divisions to excel in what they individually do best, and together, as a group, to give unique meaning to #wemakesteelwork.

Our history, in a nutshell

GB Steel Group is uncompromising and straightforward, characteristics that it owes to its founder, Henry van der Kamp. Without a tie, preferably on a motorcycle, and always in the company of Rieks Jansen (who is still MD of Kampstaal), Henry literally and figuratively built Kampstaal. The company was located on the Gildenweg in Emmeloord in the 1980s. What’s in a name? The Gildenweg (‘guilds’ road’) was a connection with the guilds of earlier times. And later became the ‘G’ of GB Steel Group.

Henry van der Kamp was unique in recognizing the quality of other steel companies and their related activities. Nauta Staalbouw in Heeg (1994), Beijer Constructie in Meppel (1996), Kamplacon in Emmeloord (2004), Vossebelt in Geesbrug (2007) and Hordal in Zwolle (2009) have, in the meantime, all been added to the group. ‘As a company, we will only make progress if we improve in every area, especially in terms of our level of knowledge. This is the way to achieve our ambition to compete internationally’, Henry once told us. Henry retired in 2015, handing over his management tasks to Bob Soetekouw.


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