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Infrastructure. Everyone uses it. Even something as commonplace as a bridge has to be well thought out. You may not think about it, but behind each bridge, no matter how ‘simple’ it may be, there is a lot of technical knowledge. A bridge must of course be strong, but preferably also sustainable and, ideally, beautiful to look at.

We like to show photos of enormous steel constructions, such as the piling heads and waterway guide systems that are manufactured in our halls. This is logical, because these are beautiful projects that produce impressive images. But what may sometimes be forgotten is that Staalbouw Nauta is also strong in bridges. For example, Nauta has recently designed, manufactured and placed two bridges, including railings, in a residential area under construction. Placing these bridges yielded particularly impressive photographs.

The bridges vary in length; one bridge measures 18.50 metres, and the other 15.80 metres. They are equally wide, at 7.60 metres. With weights of 56 and 46 tons respectively, 102 tons in total had to be transported by road! And, of course, also professionally hoisted into place. Luckily the Boekestijn crane had absolutely no problem with this. And working with Schreuder was a pleasure!

What is particularly special about the bridges is that they were delivered with a wear-and-tear layer. The anti-slip layer of the road surface had already been applied in our construction hall. Because this layer was processed in a conditioned (indoor) environment, it will have a longer life. Sustainability is key here – and that also applies to the bridge itself. We already knew that you can build beautiful bridges in steel. The fact that 100% of that steel is also a circular material (PDF) is perhaps less well known.

Steel bridges: beautiful, versatile and sustainable!