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Expansion IKEA

IKEA – almost everyone has something from this Swedish home furnishing shop at home. Strolling around IKEA has become a national pastime! Ball Pit, Billy, Swedish meatballs, the blue and yellow IKEA bag… an excursion to IKEA can take an entire day. Kampstaal has helped this home furnishing giant become even bigger in Breda.

IKEA is known for quality products. There is plenty of choice for every room in the house and the shops are anything but small. Yet the IKEA in Breda was not big enough and had room to expand. We already had experience working with the chain when we supplied the steel constructions for 12,500 m2 of extra home inspiration in 2012 at IKEA Utrecht. So it came as no surprise that IKEA Management contacted us once again!

The project involved expanding the surface area by around 2,200 m2 – spread over three floors, including the parking deck. Kampstaal supplied and assembled all steel constructions for the expansion in Breda. We also installed the prefab concrete constructions. We are a genuine jack-of-all-trades! This involved a total of around 240 tonnes of steel, around 220 m2 in prefab TT floors, around 2,200 m2 of prefab concrete floor slabs and four fire escapes.

In practice, of course, this meant that our engineers first had to create the drawings and calculations, including detailed calculations of the connections of the various constructions. The dimensioning of the prefab concrete construction parts was also checked: columns, TT floor beams and concrete floor slabs. Afterwards, it all had to be installed on site, of course! And with as little inconvenience to IKEA visitors as possible.

IKEA always aims for quality, not only in its own products, but also in its shops. So it is not surprising that the stairs, for instance, are perfect. Thanks to our expertise in stairs and hand railing, we were the perfect candidate for supplying not only the steel constructions, but also the stairs. Not only that, but we created a steel construction for a large intermediate floor in the existing shop and four large stairs for the emergency escape routes. Safety first!

Even though the timeframe turned out to be shorter than initially planned, we managed to get everything done on time. This was possible thanks to clear agreements, both within our own team and with the other construction partners. After all, there is no ‘I’ in team! The collaboration was a successful one and involved construction partners like Ingenieursbureau Boorsma, Knevel Architecten, Burgtbouw, Linthorst, Van der Leunand Schot.

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