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04 juli 2023

Hypermoderne sorteerinstallatie PreZero

A complete new turnkey installation for PreZero! In Groningen we have realised a brand new construction and demolition waste installation for PreZero.

04 juli 2023

Solar panel systems for Gouweleeuw!

We have provided Gouweleeuw in Emmeloord with two solar panel systems. We installed 1916 solar panels with a total capacity of 785,560 Watt peak.

04 juli 2023

Van Wieren Special B.V. goes for sustainability!

At Van Wieren Special B.V. in Emmeloord we have installed 212 solar panels. Together, the solar panels have a capacity of 86,920 watt peak.

08 maart 2023

Expantion - Wajer Yachts

At the beginning of October 2022 we started the construction at Wajer Yachts. All the steelwork was produced in our production hall and our assembly team assembled the entire construction on location.

10 maart 2023

Portals and platforms – Qirion

For Qirion we produce various constructions that will be placed at different high-voltage stations in the Netherlands.

16 maart 2023

Filter Tanks – Titan Projects

For Titan Projects we realize pressurized equipment for the process industry.


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