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08 juni 2022

Screening drum IRS UK

The trommel screen is specifically made for sorting nonferrous materials. These non-magnetic materials are filtered from slag and soil waste.

05 september 2022

CSH Vianen

We have provided the new production hall of Compressor Systems Holland BV with roof- and wall cladding.

11 mei 2022

Breman Genemuiden

For Breman in Genemuiden we provided the new hall and the office with roof- and wall plating. The project was realized in cooperation with Kampstaal.

04 juli 2022

Scania Hasselt

We supplied and assembled the steel construction and associated trusses for the new Scania building in Hasselt.

25 augustus 2022

Scania Hasselt

We provide the new hall and covering of Scania in Hasselt with approx. 8000m2 of roof- and wall cladding.

14 juli 2022

Aldi Groningen

In Groningen we have provided the new distribution centre of Aldi with roof- and wall cladding.


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